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23 Sep 2017

Jimi Hendrix Special Guest Jim Morrison – Live! (bootleg)

Jimi Hendrix Special Guest Jim Morrison – Live! (bootleg)

In March 1968, Steve Paul’s New York-based The Scene hosted a jam featuring Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison. During this period, taking advantage of a week-long break in the big American tour The Experience, Jimi worked on the Electric Ladyland album at the nearby Record Plant studio, and in the evenings played in various clubs in New York. The exact date of this concert is unknown - maybe 12, 13 or 18 March. The recording is done on a personal Hendrix tape recorder.

Jimi Hendrix — guitar, vocals 
Jim Morrison — screaming/vocals 
Lester Chambers — harmonica (according to Lester himself) 
Buddy Miles — drums on some tracks 
Unknown (possibly Rick Derringer) — guitar 
Unknown (possibly Chris Stewart) — bass 
Unknown (possibly David Lutton or Ray Lucas) — drums 

1 Red House 10:15 
2 Woke Up This Morning 8:22 
3 Bleeding Heart 12:22 
4 Morrison’s Lament 
Featuring – Jim Morrison 
5 Tomorrow Never Comes 
Featuring – Jim Morrison 
6 Uranus Rock 7:16 
7 Outside Woman Blues 6:08 
8 Sunshine Of Your Love 3:05 
9 Goodbye, Bessie Mae 2:25 
10 Soul Food 3:29 
11 Whole Lotta Shakin Going On 2:24 
12 Lawdy Miss Clawdy 
Featuring – Little Richard 
13 Hound Dog 
Featuring – Little Richard 
14 Go Go Shoes 2:49 
15 Wipe The Sweat 2:48 

Santana “ University Arena, Albuquerque, NM, USA"1974 (bootleg)

Santana “ University Arena, Albuquerque, NM, USA"1974 (bootleg)

Musiciens : 

Carlos Santana 
Jose “Chepito” Areas 
Jules Broussard 
David Brown 
“Ndugu” Leon Chancler 
Tom Coster 
Leon Patillo 
Armando Peraza

01. Going Home-A-1 Funk-Every Step Of The Way (19:27) 
02. Black Magic Woman-Gypsy Queen (6:26) 
03. Oye Como Va (4:40) 
04. Mirage (6:47) 
05. Just In Time To See The Sun (3:18) 
06. Bambele (4:58) 

CD2. 39:39 

01. Bambele (part 2) (1:37) 
02. Give And Take (6:45) 
03. Incident At Neshabur (8:48) 
04. Soul Sacrifice (10:10) 
05. Samba Pa Ti (7:12) 
06. Savor. Toussaint L’Overture (5:07) 

Diazpora "Islands" 2017 Hamburg Germany Deep Afro Funk 2 LP & CD

Diazpora  "Islands"  2017 Hamburg Germany killer Deep Afro Funk 2 LP & CD
full listen now
official website…

Diazpora are a very groovy act from Germany, they play a splendid old school high energy funk in the vein of The J.B.’s with groovy bass lines, dirty guitars, heavenly horns, and they had a vocalist with energic and nasty attitude. Their music got elements/vibes of both afrofunk and ethiopique jazz, and with vintage rock as well.. Groovy! ….

“Our quest for the true funk is never ending. One minute we think we are nearly there, then again we notice we still have such a long way to go. But that’s the fun in it. The funk does not stand still. It is on a constant journey. To keep up with the funk, you can’t afford to be lazy. Otherwise you lose it.” – Diazpora….

To put it in their own words, 9-headed funk band Diazpora from Hamburg (Germany) is on a never-ending quest for the true funk. From Blaxploitation influences to 70s funk, and from an edge of Afro to powerful brass hooks and even ballads, Diazpora touches it all. 

They showcase that ongoing journey on their new album Islands, a 13-track groove manifest. Which is now available digitally and on 2LP via Légère Recordings. 

In affiliation with Diazpora we giveaway 10 download codes to get the record for free. Sounds good? Share this music post on Twitter or Facebook (these hyperlinks or the icons on the left will do the trick), tag @thefindmag so we don’t miss it, and drop us a comment there, or leave one on our Instagram post. And with a bit of luck, we give you 1 of the 10 free download codes………

Just this month, funk rock band Diazpora released their latest album entitled Islands. All nine members of this group contribute to their unique sound. Think Dave Matthews vocals and saxophone accompaniment meets Sly and the Family Stone’s signature soulful bass tones and steady drum rhythm. Their upbeat energy is comparable to modern rock groups such as Fitz and the Tantrums. Islands is thirteen tracks of passionately irreverent old school music. Lead vocalist Alex Feige warbles, growls, trills, whispers and harmonizes his way through the album, giving each track a different tone. Diazpora is the rare type of band that you and your parents can listen to – and actually enjoy – together. Their sound is the result of ages of rock and funk influence, continuous tweaking, and a highly evident love of music in its purest instrumental form. 

To me, Diazpora seems less concerned with mainstream popularity and more focused on producing a unique and timeless sound. This is evident throughout the album, as each drum hit, guitar riff or saxophone solo is perfectly timed and proudly executed. In a world where any music that shuns electronic editing is ever diminishing, it is groups like Diazpora that keep the genre alive. They are equal parts rock and funk, this dichotomy manifesting itself differently from track to track. 

For a song imbued with all the jazzy irreverence of soul, check out my personal favorite track ‘Nap Xtra Long’. With almost no vocals save for Feige’s occasional staccato shouts and rhythmic grunts, the instrumentals of the song carry the piece. Complete with guitar, bass, various percussion and wind instruments, there is not a note or pitch out of place. There is even something verging on Phish in the creative soundscapes they create. This is further proved on smooth tracks like ‘Moon’. Here again Feige hangs back on the vocals, allowing the instruments to carry the weight, interjecting only with the soaring refrain “if I was on the moon I’d be terrified of space and time.” The wa-wa petal alteration on the intro to the track ‘2 Much Effort’ is well worth your time as well.
Their music is trippy without overdoing it, rocking without dating themselves, jazzy without becoming elevator music, and funky in only the best ways. For some heavily instrumental, buoyant rock funk music, simply hit play on Diazpora’s latest release Islands. In Diazpora, we have a band that is dignified in its disregard for mainstream appeal or questing after the chart topper that will make their career. In my opinion, they have arrived, it’s just time we all started listening……By: Fletcher Bonin……………

No band is an island, and German funk outfit Diazpora show they’re no exception to the rule with new LP – er – Islands which draws influences from all over the funk – ahem – diaspora. It’s the fifth album from the nine-piece Hamburg band whose number includes David ‘The Hauf’ Nesselhauf – fresh from his solo Afrokraut effort in October and has been analogue engineered by The Mighty Mocambos’ Sebastian Nagel. 

Things are by turns blaxploitation-esque (opener Street Market), jazzy fusioneering (the title track) and afro-funky (Kinshasa Strut) and feature a number of convincing English vocal turns by Axel Feige. Highlights include the aforementioned crashing afro-breaks of Kinshasa Strut, the wah-wah-drenched strut of 27-28-29 (which features some nifty bass sax work) and perhaps best of all – the urgent funky lilt of Beast. It’s time to get your groove on………..

Legere Recordings forge ahead with funk once more in the guise of veteran band, Diazpora and as they say ‘the funk does not stand still, it’s on a constant journey’. “Islands” is full of twists and turns, slinky grooves that range from afro funk greatness, such as the horn heavy “Kinshasha Strut”, JB’s 12/8 stylyings in the form of “The Beast”, the moodily Bushwick inspired “Give A Little Prayer” replete with dazzling trumpet over a physcedelic background the likes of Jim Morrison would have relished, and many other grooves make this a well rounded album that should light your fire for some quite time.The cutie Kuti inspired afro beat scorcher “Moon” rocket alongs adorned by growly soul vocalist and guitarist Alex Feige and “2much Effort” with it’s Once in A Lifetime" styled bass and baritone turns out to be a nice slice of Blaxploitation as does the opener “Street Market”… err very street! The usual level of production brilliance is applied by this well established record label,the hottest sounds from Hamburg are all here for your delectation.“Me & I”, is a personal fave, it’s such a wonky piece of brilliance see-sawing over a semitone chordal moment creating great tension showing what an agile singer Feige is,definately one to watch. Suffice to say, this outfit is pushing the funk barrier further afield and for that they must be applauded. Give a little prayer that these guys get on the rise shouldn’t be too much effort judging on these merits. Diazpora are a class act……..

Alexander “Kimo” Eiserbeck: Alto/Tenor Saxophone, Flute 
Axel Maximilian Feige: Vocals 
Chris Hinrichsen: Keyboards 
David Nesselhauf: Double Bass, Bass Guitar 
Hans Christian Stephan: Trumpet 
Jonathan Krause: Bari Saxophone, Flute 
Legbo: Guitar 
Lucas Kochbeck: Drums 
Thomas Neitzel: Percussion 

Street Market
Kinshasa Strut
Give A Little Prayer
2 Much Effort
Piece By Piece
Nap Xtra Long
Me & I

Vanity Fare “Coming Home” 1970 UK Pop Rock Compilation

Vanity Fare “Coming Home” 1970 UK  Pop Rock Compilation

British group, which was very popular in Europe and the US in the late 60’s. Was founded by school friends in the summer of 1968 in Rochester (Kent). Originally called “The Avengers” and played in local clubs and eateries, until they were noticed by the producer and manager Roger Easterby. The guys took the name “Vanity Fare” and signed a contract with “Page One Records” (a division of “Bell Records”). Their first hit, “I Live For The Sun”, appeared in August 1968 and took 20th place in England. In the summer of 1969, the song “Early In The Morning” was on the 8th place in the British charts, and in December of the same year the band had the highest success, releasing the single “Hitchin ‘A Ride”. This release reached 16 places in the UK and number 5 in the US (Billboard Hot 100). In the US, the song was in the charts for twenty-three weeks, and especially popular with the hippies from the west coast. The disc was sold in the amount of more than a million copies and received the status of gold. Then followed a big tour to the States, where they performed together with “Beach Boys” and “The Mamas & The Papas”……

Vanity Fare (due to the similarity of the novel and magazine title often misspelled Vanity Fair) are a UK pop/rock group formed in 1966, best remembered for its million-selling song, “Hitchin’ a Ride”, which became a worldwide hit in 1970.
School friends Trevor Brice (born 12 February 1945, Rochester, Kent, England) (vocals), Tony Goulden (born Anthony Goulden, 21 November 1942, Rochester) (guitar), Dick Allix (born Richard Allix, 3 May 1945, Gravesend, Kent) (drums) and Tony Jarrett (born Anthony Jarrett, 4 September 1943, in Rochester, Kent) (bass) formed the band in Kent in 1966, originally calling themselves The Avengers. As The Avengers, they recorded a number of demos with record producer Joe Meek, including “Marianne”, though none were ever released. After this they changed their name to The Sages, and had one 45 single release on the RCA Victor label (47-8760) called “In The Beginning” on the “A” side and “I’m Not Going To Cry” on the “B” side.They played local clubs and were spotted by entrepreneur Roger Easterby who became their manager and producer. Having changed the name of the band to Vanity Fare after the novel Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray, they signed to Larry Page’s Page One Records. 

Vanity Fare achieved a UK hit single with their first release, a cover of “I Live For The Sun” (originally recorded by The Sunrays in 1965) in the summer of 1968.

Following two more singles, “Summer Morning” and “Highway Of Dreams,” both of which failed to make the UK Singles Chart, they released their biggest UK hit, “Early in the Morning”. Written by Mike Leander and Eddie Seago, it reached number 8 in that country in August 1969 and number 12 in the US in early 1970.[1] It sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc.

For their next release “Hitchin’ a Ride”, they added keyboardist Barry Landemen (born 25 October 1947, Woodbridge, Suffolk, England) to the group. “Hitchin’ A Ride”, written by Peter Callander and Mitch Murray, gave them a second million-selling hit,[2] reaching #1 for two weeks each on Chicago radio stations WCFL (May 1970) and WLS (June 1970), #5 on the Hot 100 (June–July 1970), and #16 in the UK (January 1970). 

The hit was preceded by a tour of the United States, following which both Dick Allix and Tony Goulden left the band and were replaced by guitarist and singer Eddie Wheeler and drummer Mark Ellen. 

Two more singles followed before the end of 1970; Mike Leander and Eddie Seago’s “Come Tomorrow” and Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway’s “Carolina’s Coming Home” both of which failed to dent the charts on either side of the Atlantic. In addition, a belated US release of “Summer Morning” only charted to #98 for two weeks. 

Over the next couple of years more singles were released including Tony Macaulay’s “Better By Far” on DJM Records in 1972, but none of them entered the charts. Following this they decided to concentrate on live performances touring Europe, where they were having hit singles. Following the mid-1970s, and amid many band member changes (including the departure of Jarrett, replaced by Bernie Hagley), the group recorded only sporadically. In 1986, the band attempted to represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest, finishing third in the UK heat of A Song for Europe, with the song “Dreamer” featuring Jimmy Cassidy on vocals, Phil Kitto on keyboards alongside longtime members Ellen, Wheeler and Bernie Hagley. In 2007 they toured alongside P. J. Proby. In August 2015 drummer Mark Ellen retired from Vanity Fare after playing with the band for 43 years and was replaced by Howard Tibble. 

They are still together today with a line-up of Hagley, Wheeler, Tibble and Steve Oakman. 

In his spare time, Brice sings second tenor with the City of Bath Male Choir, who reached the final of BBC One’s Last Choir Standing. His son, Sebastian Brice, is part of the alt/rock band Avius….wiki….

Bernie Hagley 
Eddie Wheeler 
Howard Tibble 
Steve Oakman 
Past members Trevor Brice 
Tony Goulden 
Dick Allix 
Tony Jarrett 
Barry Landemen 
Jimmy Cassidy 
Phil Kitto 
Brian Johnson 
Mark Ellen

A1 Hitchin A Ride
A2 Megowd(Something Tells Me)
A3 (I Remember) Summer Morning
A4 Waiting For Nightfall
A5 Carolinas Comin Home
B1 Early In The Morning
B2 Youve Lost That Lovin Feeling
B3 Four String Winds
B4 On The Other Side Of Life
B5 Comer Tomorrow

I Live For The Sun (1968) 
Summer Morning (1968) 
Highway Of Dreams (1969) 
Early In The Morning (1969) 
Hitchin’ A Ride (1969) 
Come Tomorrow (1970) 
Carolina’s Coming Home (1970) 
Where Did All The Good Times Go? (1971) 
Our Own Way of Living (1971) 
Better By Far (1972) 
The Big Parade (1972) 
I’m In Love With The World (1972) 
Rock And Roll Is back (1972) 
Take It Shake It Break My Heart (1973) 
Fast Running Out Of World (1974) 
Dreamer (1986) 
Rain (1993)

The Sun - The Wind - And Other Things (1968) 
Early In The Morning (1969) 
Coming Home (1970) 
Hitchin’ A Ride (1974) 
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Kompilation, 1994) 
The Best of Vanity Fare (2004) 

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Cassette Deck







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