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18 Nov 2017

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard "Polygondwanaland" 2017 Australia Psych Rock released November 17, 2017

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard  "Polygondwanaland"  2017 Australia Psych Rock released November 17, 2017 …recommended..!
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The Aussie psych outfit’s fourth album of 2017….

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard is an Australian psychedelic rock band that formed in 2010 in Melbourne, Victoria.[ The band consists of Stuart Mackenzie (vocals, guitar, flute, keyboards), Ambrose-Kenny Smith (vocals, harmonica, keyboards), Cook Craig (guitar, vocals), Joey Walker (guitar, vocals), Lucas Skinner (bass), Michael Cavanagh (drums, percussion, management), and Eric Moore (drums, percussion, Management). 

The band is noted for its energetic live performances and prolific recording output, having released twelve full-length studio albums since 2012. King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard’s early work was primarily a blend of surf music, garage rock and psychedelic rock, while more recent releases show a broader range of influences, including elements of film music, progressive rock, folk, jazz, soul and heavy metal….wiki….

Polygondwanaland opens with the epic, 10 minute, Crumbling Castle, which begins with atmpspheric chanting before descending into an epic prog song. The track is pretty standard King Gizzard with repetitive lyrics around a returning riff that doesn’t really express the band exploring new ground. However, though repetitive the track remains entertaining by exploring different tones with long psychedelic interludes before ending cataclysmically with a massive sounding doom metal reinterpretation of the track. The song is littered with individual reappearing motifs that give the song structure and direction to its seismic climax. Creative drumming and effective basslines makes the song continually rewarding. Intricate (I think polymetrical) rhythms showcase the band’s clear musical talent. This strong opener is followed by the title track, Polygondwanaland, this track definitely covers new ground for the Gizz that nicely blends acoustic guitar with more synthetic tones. This song works very well , with a catchy hook, creative melodies. Though some of the song is reminiescent of KGATLW’s most recent LP Sketches of Brunkswick East, a smooth jazz fusion record, there is a lot of underlying unease with this track and some more emotionally intelligent moments previously not so enjoyed on Gizz records. Polygondwanaland flows easily into the more psychedelic, fast paced and confusingly rhythmical Castle In The Air which includes heavy use of synths and other effect against the intricate lead acoustic guitar. Completing a trio of almost seamlessly flowing songs is Desert Dunes Welcome Weary Feet which closes the trio nicely by partially returning to Polygondwanaland and Castle In The Air with slight variations and some more strange chanting which makes this piece very atmospheric and spiritually captivating. The track ends with an electronic instrumental section that works well at closing the journeying first half of the record. 
The second part of the project is significantly darker than the Polygondwanaland section and even the catastrophic and destructing Crumbling Castle. It begins with Inner Cell which seems to represent a high stakes debate between one cultish school of thought that seems to revere the wisdom of the Inner Cell. In debate is a desparate narrator that displays some subtle emotion that again King Gizz has not been so adept at performing in the past. This song is dark, unsettling and once more segues into even darker more unsettling highlight of the record Loyalty. The song begins with a tense simple synth lead before being joint by the acoustic guitar and flute that work together to form a Wish You Were Here Floyd sound before leading into an effectively simple verse that once more makes use of polyrhythms to great effect. Lyrics have not been the Gizz’s strong point but the excessively violent imagery in this song like drinking blood and drawing and quartering children is undeniably effective and to me reminiscent of the lyrics off Radiohead’s Kid A. Following this incredibly morbid cut comes the song Horology that opens with a distinctly hopeful atmosphere. Again I’d like to stress how amazingly the Gizz have evolved emotionally with clear feelings accompanying each track. The song swells and dips effectively moving the story through a narrative of a weary traveller having some wisdom departed on him. Closing this third chapter of the narrative is Tetrachromacy, probably the most uninteresting cut on the album but still a strong song that finally gives Gizz fans some of Ambrose Kenny Smiths harmonica, even if it is in an incredibly small simple, portion. 
Opening the final chapter of the song is Searching…, the track brilliantly captures the title that opens vaguely musically before becoming very rhythmical and thickening in texture as the song goes on. Stu Mackensie sings sweetly over the rigid beat and unnatural synth embellishments which adds to the incredible atmosphere this album maintains throughout the same way Nonagon Infinity maintained its relentless pace only a year ago. Appropriately closing the track is The Fourth Colour. Like the opener this song is distinctly Gizzard though sounds fresh with the disconcerting rhythms that are maintained across the entire work. Building from the start, the song skillfully hints at something massive to come before the end of the record, the song gets manically confusing an chaotic at aound three and a half minutes before dying off without a satisfying conclusion. But King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard certainly know how to make a song and soft, unnerving flute over the sound of wind and a drone build into a fantastic drum solo that really reminded me how outstanding the drumming on this record was. Suddenly the track bursts into a trademark Gizz harmonica laced freak out before ending with perhaps the worlds greatest feedback shot of all time. 
As a fan of King Gizzard I’ve listened to every release bar Anglesea countless times and this album, despite the five album workload of the band this year is certainly a stand out. I’d give this album a strong 8/10 with my only issue with it being Tetrachromacy and the fact that, though the album breaks tonnes of new ground for the Gizz, the sound stays pretty similiar for the whole player bar the opener and finisher which, as a fan I can forgive, but perhaps a first time listener would find boring. Fantastic album, so fantastic I spent half an hour writing a review for it on the internet that noone will read…….Badger Overlord 

Near the end of last year, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard promised they’d release five albums by the end of 2017. As we creep closer to the end of this year, the Aussie psych outfit have thus far shared three: Flying Microtonal Banana, Murder of the Universe, and Sketches of Brunswick East (with Mild High Club). They’ll bring the tally up to four this week with the release of their latest full-length effort, Polygondwanaland. 

Polygondwanaland will be available as a free download via KG&TLW’s website beginning Thursday, November 16th at 5:00 PM EST. What’s more, the band actually encourages fans to “make tapes, make CD’s [sic], make records” and are providing all the digital material to do it. There will be three different masters — digital, CD, and vinyl — each with appropriate cover artwork templates, metadata, and instructions included. 

“We do not own this record. You do,” read the band’s Facebook statement. “Go forth, share, enjoy.” They do warn, however, “If u wanna make cassettes I don’t really know what you would do. Be creative. We did it once but it sounded really shit. Maybe try the WAVs idano.”….BY BEN KAYE……..November 14 2017…

Just yesterday, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard announced their fourth full-length of 2017, Polygondwanaland, and now it’s available as a free download on their website. It’s also streaming below via Bandcamp. 

The Aussie psych outfit’s latest release includes all the necessary files and formats for fans to make their own tapes, CDs, and records. Each of the three different masters — digital, CD, and vinyl — come with customized cover artwork templates, metadata, and full instructions included. Though, “If u wanna make cassettes I don’t really know what you would do,” the band admitted on Facebook yesterday. “Be creative. We did it once but it sounded really shit. Maybe try the WAVs idano.” 
“We do not own this record. You do. Go forth, share, enjoy,” the band added….BY EDDIE FU…

Crumbling Castle 10:44 
Polygondwanaland 3:32 
The Castle In The Air 2:47 
Deserted Dunes Welcome Weary Feet 3:33 
Inner Cell 3:55 
Loyalty 3:38 
Horology 2:52 
Tetrachromacy 3:30 
Searching… 3:03 
The Fourth Colour 6:12 


12 Bar Bruise (2012) 
Eyes Like the Sky (2013) 
Float Along – Fill Your Lungs (2013) 
Oddments (2014) 
I’m in Your Mind Fuzz (2014) 
Quarters! (2015) 
Paper Mâché Dream Balloon (2015) 
Nonagon Infinity (2016) – AUS #19, US Heatseekers #4 
Flying Microtonal Banana (2017) – AUS #2, US #170, UK #100 
Murder of the Universe (2017) – AUS #3, US #106, UK #94 
Sketches of Brunswick East (2017) – AUS #4[52] 
Polygondwanaland (2017) 

Anglesea (2011) 
Willoughby’s Beach (2011) 

“Hey There - Ants & Bats” (2010) 
“Sleep - Summer” (2011)

Maat Lander “Seasons of Space • Book #1” 2017 Russia Psych Space Rock,Kraut Rock

Maat Lander “Seasons of Space • Book #1” 2017 Russia Psych Space Rock,Kraut Rock…recommended..!
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Russian trio and Scandinavian collective offer instrumental space rock jams. Limited to 204 copies …

The second, eagerly awaited album by Russian space/kraut/prog rockers Maat Lander is intended as the initial volume in the ‘Seasons Of Space’ series. This edition is limited to 222 copies on BLACK VINYL…

And now in 2017 Russian space-kraut prog rockers MAAT LANDER are continuing the story of their main protagonist. Announced as a series in fact, what the album title is going to reveal. This is based on an eccentric, fictional, mystical affair, maybe you can also call this a modern myth. It started in 2015 when Maat invented and created his own universe. Meanwhile he has the courage to travel across. And the band invites us to escort him, through the insane world of their space adventurer. His experienced staff, consisting of the psychonauts Ilya Lipkin as well as Arkady and Ivan Fedotov, will lead us through all highs and lows, twists and turns. Promised. Hereby we are confronted with intelligent gas-shaped lifeforms and other creatures … but don’t worry, lift-off asap! 
As the songs are nearly clocking at 80 minutes in total, the vinyl version, released on the German label Clostridium Records, goes without the last three tracks. Or the other way round if you will, this are bonus tracks when it comes to the CD release. Where hereby, pointing to the debut, the extended The Birth Of Maat’s Galaxy comes as a live version, recorded in Abstrakhan. Maat’s excursions are mellowed with some short Galaxy Passage interludes exclusively built by acoustic guitar and synths. As it goes with such adventures in general, even be it physical or mental, you will be faced with dangerous moments full of courageous moves. In the same way as calming floating parts then again, when moving from one point to the other. Hence you won’t die of boredom. 

Exemplarily the hypnotic Crimson Turtles comes with tricky multi-tracked guitars which are looping as well as soloing. Surely an album highlight, concerning the dynamic gradually increasing into a rather furious fast-paced issue. The bass lines predominantly sound like electronically generated, appealing nevertheless. The Constellation Of The Mirror Fish shines due to its mellow spacey flow. And surprisingly the guitar entertains in a jazzy manner during Fields Of Serenity, or a trumpet appears on the meandering Maat’s First Mistake. So this is not old school space rock, never ever. Just a very unique outfit with entertaining compositions, where the provided atmosphere is melancholic and somewhat aesthetic, fairly eclectic. With their sophomore studio album Lipkin and the Fedotov brothers ultimately have bundled together, very impressing. I’m sure Book #2 is already in the making…… by Rivertree …progarchives

Continuing to the recently released Split EP with Øresund Space Collective, the Russian cosmonauts of MAAT LANDER will bring their musically set season Seasons Of Space · Book # 1 with their already second official album . 
Sophisticated jam sessions like the fiery double Planet Of The Inelligent Gas-Shaped Lifeforms and Crimson Turtles offer a variety of effects from synthesizers that tickle like passing stars, letting the listener enjoy and get to know the album in its relaxed way. 
Since the Muscovites are an instrumental trio, the main focus is on the singing guitar, which takes on the task confidently and for long stretches develops its own language, which is understood when one indulges in the album completely , So one discovers then, in addition to the varied and suspense-building drumming equally great basslines, which play for short distances completely undercover their own songs in the song. Acoustic guitars round it off, as on the EP before, skillfully and fit perfectly into the sound of the Russian Starfleet. And that makes the small but subtle difference to other, often resembling Space Rock bands. It’s the details that artists have to score with today. That’s exactly what MAAT LANDER doeswith Seasons Of Space · Book # 1 really good. 
Beyond the Space Rock there are always the small and nicely made up Jazz Parts to discover, for example in Fields Of Serenity , which emphasize the complex musical ability of the Russians. Dance Of Photonic Roaches , who gives birth as a pure Progressive Rocker, moves in sovereign climes of Opeth or Steven Wilson , without having to hide behind them, is really pretty tricky . 
Anyone who doubts MAAT LANDER can finally be persuaded by the wonderful finale of The Constellation Of The Mirror Fish , which gives the listener a sweet and melancholy goose bump with his acoustic guitar and the accompanying chord progressions, while Floyd typical synth sounds sound like a beautiful mandala! 
Of course, Seasons Of Space · Book # 1 will be released on the Bochum label Clostridium Records on Colored & Black Vinyl. The CD Digipack is also supplemented by three bonus tracks. Both formats are available through the label shop at a fair price. 
This album will whet your appetite and should be shared with candlelight and wine with friends based on old Pink Floyd , Opeth , Steven Wilson , The Mars Volta , Hawkwind , Karakorum and many more. 
Daniel Wieland, 10.11.2017…

  Maat Lander is a Russian band that originated during a live jam between some members of Vespereo and The Re-Stoned and consists of: Arkadiy Fedotov (Vespero) - bass guitar, synthesizer and effects, Ilya Lipkin (The Re-Stoned) - soprano , acoustic guitar and effects and Ivan Fedotov (Vespero) - drums and percussion. 
The 10 songs for the debut album “The Birth Of Maat’s Galaxy”, from 2015, were recorded in the VMS Studio of Vespero in Astrakhan and in the Rushus Studio of The Re-Stoned in Moscow and released by the RAIG label. 
Their second album, “Dissolved In The Universe” is a live rendition of 5 of the debut album’s songs plus a new song and has been released on vinyl via Clostridium Records. 
Together with Öresund Space Collective from Denmark / Sweden, the band recorded a split album, which will be released in March 2017 via the Clostridium Records label in a limited edition of 222 copies on black and 111 pieces on 180 gram colored vinyl. 
Maat Lander’s music was recorded and mixed and mastered by Ilya Lipkin between September and December 2016 in the VMS Studio in Astrakhan and the Rushus Studio in Moscow. 
The new album from the band “Season Of Space Book # 1” is the successor to “The Birth Of Maat’s Galaxy” and is the second part of the series “Season Of Space”. 
The album will also appear in Clostridium Records in November 2017 and will be printed on vinyl in a limited edition of 300 copies, 
On the album the guest musicians play Dr.Space - synthesizer (1 song) and Andrei Solovyov - trumpet (1 song) and it is also worth noting that the CD contains 3 bonus tracks. 

The album starts with “Planet Of Intelligent Gas-shaped Lifeforms” and in it I hear the band play a nice quiet, spacious piece of music, which has a recurring rhythm, so the song sounds slightly hypnotic. 
Then the band lets me enjoy “Crimson Turtles”, in which the music is an up-tempo mix of kraut-, spacerock and progressive rock, in which the tempo is performed towards the end of the song and also contains a hypnotic rhythm, so I in a slight trance touch and this song is followed by the short “Galaxy Passage # 1”, in which I hear a quiet piece of guitar playing, accompanied by spatial synthesizer sounds. 
Then the band presents me “Fields Of Serenity” and I get to hear a wonderfully quiet piece of hypnotic spacerock, which changes after a few minutes and switches the band to making jazz, which is mixed with progressive rock and at a rather high level. tempo, creating a nice and danceable song, which is played out at the end in a quiet tempo and is followed by “The World With The Ocean With No Dry Land”, in which Dr.Space participates and the band gives me a brilliant light psychedelic number, which starts at a not too high pace, but after a few minutes more speed, which creates a swinging whole, to be closed at a quiet pace. 
In “Galaxy Passage # 2” I get another wonderfully quiet piece of guitar playing and in “Dance Of Photonic Roaches” Maat Lander shows me a swinging progressive rock song that contains a recurring theme, making the music hypnotic. 
Then I hear the last song of the LP, entitled “The Constellation Of The Mirror Fish” and here the band plays such a wonderfully quiet song, which borders on symphonic rock and this is followed on the CD by the first of the 3 bonus tracks “Maat’s First Mistake”, in which Andrei Solovyov participates. 
Here the band plays an excellent mix of Spanish music, jazz and experimental sounds at a very quiet pace, after which I hear a 20-second piece of guitar playing, accompanied by a synthesizer tone (listen to this song via the bandcamp link below). the review). 
The last track of the CD is called “The Birth Of Maat’s Galaxy, Live”, in which I present a delightful mix of progressive rock and krautrock, which starts at a slow pace, but gradually gains more speed plus a slightly hypnotic rhythm, making it quiet is no longer possible. 

“Season Of Space Book # 1” by Maat Lander is a fantastic album, with which the band has fascinated me from beginning to end and I can highly recommend this album to everyone, who likes progressive rock, krautrock and / or spacerock. 

* The music of this band / artist can also be heard regularly on Monday evening between 8:00 PM and 10 PM (European time) in the radio program Carry’s Music Machine ……

Line-up / Musicians 
- Arkady Fedotov / bass, synth, effects, flute 
- Ilya Lipkin / electric & acoustic guitars, effects 
- Ivan Fedotov / drums, wave drum, drum machines, samples 

special guests: 
- Dr. Space / synthesizer (5) 
- Andrei Solovyov / trumpet (9)

Songs / Tracks Listing 
1. Planet Of The Intelligent Gas-Shaped Lifeforms (7:58) 
2. Crimson Turtles (8:33) 
3. Galaxy Passage #1 (1:16) 
4. Fields Of Serenity (12:43) 
5. The World Of The Ocean With No Dry Land (9:58) 
6. Galaxy Passage #2 (1:57) 
7. Dance Of Photonic Roaches (7:05) 
8. The Constellation Of The Mirror Fish (5:57) 
9. Maat’s First Mistake* (7:19) 
10. Galaxy Passage #3* (0:18) 
11. The Birth Of Maat’s Galaxy [live]* (16:22) 

Asep Stone Experience "Golden Soul" 2015 Swiss Psych Blues Rock

Asep Stone Experience  "Golden Soul" 2015 Swiss Psych Blues Rock 
full vk


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The first Album Music Record from Guitarvirtuoso Asep Stone from England. Authentic selfmade psychodelic Blues-Rock…

Golden Soul - the debut work of the almost unknown at us now collective-heir of the great Jimi. They come from Zurich, Switzerland. The guys began to play in the parks, on the embankments, overplaying the compositions of Hendrix, and now, having gained popularity with the public, they collected money for the recording of their own album, which consists of 18 tracks,

Asep Stone was born in Bandung, Indonesia. He discovered a natural talent for the guitar and taught himself to play in a wide range of styles. He first performed at the age of 14 to an audience of nearly 20,000 people at the Bandung Gladiator Rocks Festival. He played extensively at venues in Indonesia and moved to the UK in 1993. He travelled all around the UK, performing original music with Stone Free. In 1999 Asep formed Purple Haze, who appeared on BBC Sessions and played with former Hendrix bass player Noel Redding at an auction of Jimi’s guitars. Noel was keen to play with Asep again, but sadly died shortly after their meeting. Purple Haze toured the UK to great acclaim, but split up in 2004. In 2007 he moved to Switzerland where he formed Asep Stone Experience. He played various gigs around the country and started recording his own songs…

Asep Stone comes from Bandung, Indonesia. He discovered there at a young age his natural talent for the guitar and the music. He began to make music in various musical styles. He gave his first concert at the young age of 14, before 20,000 spectators, in his hometown of Bandung on Gladiator Rocks Festival. 
He has played around Indonesia and settled in 1993 in England down. With its specially composed music he toured with the band was founded on the spot “Stone Free” all over England. 
In 1999, Asep founded the band “Purple Haze”, whose musical performance with former original bassist of Jimi Hendrix, Noel Redding, was broadcast on BBC. This in an auction of original guitar of Jimi Hendrix in Cork, Ireland. Asep aroused great interest in Noel Redding, to give more concerts together. However, Noel passed away unexpectedly a short time after their meeting. To great acclaim from fans, the band “Purple Haze” continued to tour through England. The band broke up finally on the year of 2004. 
In 2007, Asep moved on to Switzerland, where he formed his current band “Asep Stone Experience”. The band gave several concerts throughout the country, as well as repeatedly on the lakeside promenade in the city of Zurich, which earned her a large fan base. 
Asep Stone was known here as the born-again Jimi Hendrix. With his band “Asep Stone Experience” he plays diverse Jimi Hendrix songs, but has also begun to include new original compositions……

01. Golden Soul (1:16) 
02. I Wanna Show You (4:22) 
03. I Got No Reason (4:50) 
04. They Don’t Need (5:11) 
05. Get My Together (3:30) 
06. I Do It Tomorrow (4:07) 
07. Flower Child (3:51) 
08. In My Blood (7:39) 
09. To My Love (4:48) 
10. Wild Flower (2:56) 
11. Stone Free Every Day (5:56) 
12. One Of These Days (5:22) 
13. When I Say (3:57) 
14. Happy (3:20) 
15. Flower Heaven (4:39) 
16. Crazy (4:14) 
17. Hoochie Coochie Man (5:17) 
18. Voodoo Child (7:08) 

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