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25 Nov 2017

Orchestra Cometa ‎"Daydream"1973 Jazz Funk from Italy

 Orchestra Cometa ‎"Daydream"1973 ultra rare  killer Jazz Funk from Italy
full vk

Very rare library include many instrumental funky tracks, some of this tracks was included in a compilation of the Italian label Plastic. 
Music by Mirot, Stepchild, Lash, probably a pseudonimus of Roma Jazz Musicians….~

This LP contains the best 1970s Raw Funk and Funky Breaks from Italy, my long-time favourite Funk Library and beloved by records collectors. Music by "ORCHESTRA COMETA” composed of MIROT (G.Ducros), STEPCHILD (S.Valente) and LASH (seems to be Marco Banchieri). The album also includes the uncredited collaboration of Paolo Casa, playing in this session and also probably on Freedom Power LP. Listen to the long clip recorded from vinyl" - Armagideon Times…~

KILLER totally OUTSTANDING Italian Library LP, the best that came out from Cometa label along with VIOLENCE!, FREEDOM POWER and PULSAR MUSIC. The cover is mindmelting, pure masterpiece artwork made by Sergiotto, old designer and historical Cometa’s sound engineer. This LP contains the best 1970s Raw Funk and Funky Breaks from Italy, long-time favourite Funk Library and beloved by records collectors. Music signed by “ORCHESTRA COMETA” composed of MIROT (G.Ducros), STEPCHILD (S.Valente) and LASH (seems to be Marco Banchieri). The album also includes the uncredited collaboration of Paolo Casa, playing in this session and probably also on Freedom Power .Opener “RASH” killer Funky Beat with killing stoned flutes accompained by always present in the entire album super-Funk clavinet. “SIMPTON” is suspense/tension theme made of tensed flute notes and several percussions for medium tempo. The MENTAL “BIKE”, the best track on here also comped on famed STROBOSCOPICA comp. Vol.3. The most outbreaking Uptempo Funk groove I’ve ever heard, pure dynamite: acustic Piano and amazing Piano Fender notes with astonishing super-Funk clavinet; Funky drum Breaks, incredible track!! Then “GADDER” nostalgic harmonica theme, Another bomb comes immediately after: “FERRY-BOAT” killing fast and floating Clavinet on two Fender Rhodes rhythmics, Psychedelic guitar solo, stunning dynamic drum Breaks. Closing side “DIPLOMAT” another amazing Clavinet tunes with Soprano Sax accompained by background percussions and piano. On the other side “CANTY” features super Breaks, Lounge ‘70s vibes with stunning drums, acustic piano and Piano Fender. “OBSTINACY” is another famed gem from this record: super Fender Rhodes with the Hammond organ here, super heavy Clavinet notes as usual with the ripping drum Breaks. “HAPPY FIRE” is nice cinematic Folk ballad then “RIDDLE” is the ending theme, Free rhythms with soloist amazing flute and background Fender Rhodes accompaniment, groovin’ percussions session. This is not to be missed…..~

Mad Italian very rare (original press.) Library all the way.Music by Mirot, Stepchild, Lash, pseudonimus of the great Jazz Musicians of Roma.Check the crazy Jazz Funk anthem 'obstinacy’, killer! …. ~

Italian production , in this case that of musicians (unknown) constituting the mysterious Orchestra Cometa, recording for the no less nebulous label of the same name, which is not even documented in the bible of Johnny Trunk “The Music Library” ! 
This is surprising, because like Sforzando , who in France produced the famous TeleMusic discs , Cometa is one of the few independent publishers of sound illustrations that have been able to maintain their activity while crossing successive turpitudes from the music market, from the creative doldrums of the post-disco years to the upheaval of digital music, through the waltz of media and recording techniques. 
But what is the librarymay wonder the latest arrivals? Nothing less than illustration music produced on order and intended for professional use (studios, medias …); it must be profitable first and foremost in order to fulfill its usage, but can be substantially rich in other points (aesthetic, technical, melodic …) and thus become interesting, appreciable or even desirable outside of this context . Sensitive souls arise … 
In this case, what do you recognize a good library disk? In the first place to his wallet , which if it stands out immediately seduce the amateur or the digger warned. Is it a generic image only intended to assist the laborious studio rat in his search for background sound? Or is it rather a singular representation of the evocative potential that a musical illustration can offer? Second choice my captain. That of this album ’ Daydream ’ is the work of SerGiotto (who was to be the house designer since other albums of the label are signed with his paw), and it has strong assets: a chromatic balance warm, reinforced by a background of bright color (although a rumor of record store claims that green is the least attractive color for an album, the debate is open … lol), an original typography , a powerfully metaphorical image (you see the flower? the eyes? how much? a sun? peacock feathers? just a hand? nothing at all?), and a simplicity in the composition, all in all, remarkably functional . With such assets, there is no doubt that this record is of the highest interest , but it must be admitted that this green spring is still pretty hilarious and enough alone to arouse curiosity. 
the seductionoperates from the invigorating introduction of the first track “ Rash ”, one of five jazz-funk killings of this atypical album whose standard deviation of musical genres is singularly broad. Here, clavinet , drums , saxophone , flute , guitar and bass are all at the service of groove , and it can not be more serious! Then arrives the well-named “ Daydream ”, very lyrical ballad where the instruments ( flute , Rhodes , harmonica , violins) are successively entrusted with the progression of the melody, evolutionary and non-repetitive. It gives way to “ Simpton ”, a strange melody built on the flute on the basis of strident strings and inspiring a captivating tension . Brutal awakening at the arrival of “ Bike ”, a powerful groove surprisingly called “bossa moderata” in the cover credits, because we have to book a few surprises to the illustrator … We quickly move the country cheesy of “ Gadder "to find on” Ferry-Boat “the same groove severe previously entered - and the same quality of execution . We would like it to run longer, but the average length of the songs on the album is unfortunately only two minutes and thirty seconds … This is the case of the very short ” Reverie “, a flight to the John Klemmer good period when the saxophone ( soprano ) is equipped with an echoplex to evoke the sweet wanderings of a floating spirit and vagabond, and ” Diplomat “, a quiet swing where the soloist, still soprano, has every opportunity to evoke "l 'giddy’ in music …eclectic and reminds that the French proposed at the time: labels Freesound or timing for instance, or polymorphic productions Jean-Claude Pierric . The Latin library has absolutely nothing to do with the Anglo-Saxon deliveries … In contrast, the B side is a little less sharp with only two pieces jazz-funk energetic ( ” Canty “ and the incredible ” Obstinacy “ where clavinet doubles bass played on the Moog ), a little over cheese ( ” Swallow “, ” Happy Fire “ and "Old Scotch ”), the delicate" Glamor “where the fluttering flute dares of punctual groovy riffs on a classy bed of violins, and” Riddle “, to conclude, offering a Rhodes - flute dialogue on a slightly groovy jazz background . 
Due respect to the dee-jays and other finicky collectors , a good disk library is primarily designed to provide consistency or variety of pieces sufficient for the needs of the illustrator. This is the case of Daydream , which if it arrives a little late in the chronology of the genre (a priori, 1977), is nonetheless a very consistent work : the feeling of musicians, we guess talented , There is a lot to it. It is this impression that we preserve after listening: the memory of both a percussive rhythm and welded as a lyricismlight but deep, not to say deep , beautifully carried by wind instruments, flute and soprano in mind. 
Yes, by its rich and joyful harmonies as much as by the diversity of its themes, this record proves if it were necessary that the music is indeed the language of the soul … by..Hanimex…~

1 –Mirot / Lash (8) Rash 2:32 
2 –Mirot / Lash (8) Daydream 2:04 
3 –Mirot / Lash (8) Simpton 2:28 
4 –Stepchild (6) / Lash (8) Bike 3:06 
5 –Mirot / Lash (8) Cadder 1:52 
6 –Stepchild (6) / Lash (8) Ferry-Boat 2:23 
7 –Mirot / Lash (8) Reverle 2:07 
8 –Mirot / Lash (8) Diplomat 1:48 
9 –Stepchild (6) / Lash (8) Canty 2:49 
10 –Mirot / Lash (8) Swallow 2:43 
11 –Mirot / Lash (8) Glamour 2:21 
12 –Stepchild (6) / Lash (8) Obstinacy 3:13 
13 –Mirot / Lash (8) Happy Fire 2:34 
14 –Mirot / Lash (8) Old Scotch 2:31 
15 –Mirot / Lash (8) Riddle 1:47 
16 –G. Ducros* - Casa* Black Ice 3:08 
17 –G. Ducros* - Casa* Perhaps 2:40 
18 –G. Ducros* - Teimar Silly (Vers. 2) 2:26 

A1 –Mirot / Lash (8) Rash 
A2 –Mirot / Lash (8) Daydream 
A3 –Mirot / Lash (8) Simpton 
A4 –Stepchild (6) / Lash (8) Bike 
A5 –Mirot / Lash (8) Gadder 
A6 –Stepchild (6) / Lash (8) Ferry-Boat 
A7 –Mirot / Lash (8) Reverle 
A8 –Mirot / Lash (8) Diplomat 
B1 –Stepchild (6) / Lash (8) Canti 
B2 –Mirot / Lash (8) Swallow 
B3 –Mirot / Lash (8) Glamour 
B4 –Stepchild (6) / Lash (8) Obstinacy 
B5 –Mirot / Lash (8) Happy Fire 
B6 –Mirot / Lash (8) Old Scotch 
B7 –Mirot / Lash (8) Riddle

Coeur Magique ‎ “Wakan Tanka” 1971 France Prog Rock

Coeur Magique ‎ “Wakan Tanka” 1971 France Prog Rock
full vk

Founded by a future guitarist Magma but unrelated to the planet Zeuhl. What Musea says: “Founded by virtuoso guitarist Claude OLMOS (Alan JACK CIVILIZATION, ALICE & DOC DAIL), the quartet (vocals-percussion, guitar, bass & drum-percussion) HEART MAGIC indulges in an energetic rock , simple, built on repetitive rhythms of percussion, evoking by this hypnotic rhythmic frame and "trance” SANTANA, without having Afro-Cuban exoticism.The singing in French is magnified by superb guitar solos, which do not hesitate not extend in time. “…~

Coeur Magique was a short-lived French rock band that released Wakan Tanka in 1971 on BYG. This BYG release was not on their Actuel subsidiary, so you don’t get the custom white cover and stylized "A” on the upper right hand corner (with the number under it), just a normal cover with gatefold (as is customary to most BYG releases). The original LP label also featured BYG’s trademark laughing Buddha as is on all their releases, including that on Actuel. BYG (as well as Actuel) mainly specialized in jazz, but a few rock albums too, like Daevid Allen and Gong (Magick Brother, Bananamoon, Camembert Electrique), Ame Son, Alice, Freedom, and this group. 

For a group so unknown, this is truly an amazing group. They feataured Claude Olmos on guitar, percussion, and marimba, Laurent Marino on drums, Didier Lessage on bass, and Harry Seur on vocals. They play a fantastic brand of guitar-dominated heavy rock with some great vocals and great songs. The singing is in French, and one of the best examples of the French language in a rock setting (remember, the French language doesn’t always set well in a rock setting, for those familiar with groups like Ange or Mona Lisa can attest to). I had just discovered Wakan Tanka is a word that came from Sioux spirituality meaning “the sacred” or “divine”. But when you listen to Coeur Magique’s Wakan Tanka, you will not find any Native American influences in the music. 

Frequently the music is compared to Gong, but lacking the space rock elements. Perhaps because Harry Seur’s vocals are a bit like Daevid Allen, but more on the hard rock side than Ame Son. “Pacha” is an instrumental piece, showing the band was able to make a great instrumental piece, with some nice lead guitar work. “Mademoiselle Marie” is the first vocal cut, and what a cut it is! “Le Cocotier” (Part 1 and 2) includes some African influences, especially in the percussion, marimba, and even an African accent in the vocals (one of the band members appear to be of African descent, as can be seen in the band photo). Check out the amazing title track. They really get into some incredible jamming on that cut, and I really enjoy the wild screaming that comes near the end. “Ellocia” is a bit calmer, probably after the wild ride of the title track, it makes sense to settle down (but “Ellocia” is still not a ballad). This is an album begging to be discovered! For one thing, this album has nothing but great cuts, no filler, incredible playing, great songs, and great vocals, what more could you ask for? This album really comes with my highest recommendation!…By BENJAMIN….~

Guitarist Claude Olmos was later to be enshrined into the collective hearts and minds of Zeuhl fans everywhere as the guitarist on Magma’s mythical Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh album, but you would never know he was destined for such a fate by this recording. Coeur Magique is another kind of rare breed: That of the French psychedelic record. Whereas most French bands in 1971 were emulating what was happening over the Channel - and singing in English - Coeur Magique reached further back in time and space - to that of the late 60s American heavy psych scene. What you have here is a late-to-the-dinner-party album recalling Iron Butterfly, Sir Lord Baltimore, Hendrix, even a bit of Santana, all sung in French mind you. Solid album throughout (though it barely clears 30 minutes), and somewhat out of alignment with both time and place, which makes it even that much more interesting. Those who scan 30 albums a day looking to be “wowed” would probably be better served to move on, but for the deep divers, this one is a definite pickup. As such, bumping to current date for exposure….by…ashratom ….~

Didier Batard :Basse (ex BLUE STEEL FEET / TRIPTYQUE / DOCDAÏL) 
Laurent Marino :Batterie (ex DOCDAÏL)

A1 Pacha 2:33 
A2 Mademoiselle Marie 2:45 
A3 Scène De Ménage 5:04 
A4 Le Cocotier (Part 1) 
Marimba, Vocals – Claude Olmos 
A5 Le Cocotier (Part 2) 
Marimba – Claude Olmos 
B1 Wakan Tanka 9:22 
B2 Ellocia 5:25 

Apothecary "Apothecary" 1973 US Prog Pop Rock

Apothecary  "Apothecary" 1973 US Prog Pop Rock
full vk

This album can be picked up for pretty cheap still and it still has not received a cd release. I picked up a sealed copy for $10, one of my better, quality per dollar purchases. 

It’s pretty reasonable, good, melodic rock. Not really psychedelic, progressive, rural-country but just good melodic rock music. About half of it is acoustic based but not in a fingerpicking or solo guy strumming way. Instead the acoustic guitars are piled up on top of each other to make them quiet driving. As far as albums released by Paramount this is at the top as best on the label in my collection….by…Purple Daze…….

Mellow rock record from 1973 on the Paramount label with lots of layered vocals and background vocals. (ex/ex+, couple of very light hairlines and one bit larger mark on one song, cover has tiny coh and some light wear on some corners)…..~

The group, which named itself in honor of medieval pharmacists, even with its stylistics corresponds to that unhurried businesslike, measured, diligent and, of course, relative sterility, which prevailed in medieval monastic and secular pharmacies. It was hard to guess what musicians were inspired to do, but it seems to me that the name was chosen spontaneously, and then it was added to the guys and in the most magical way corresponded to their genre preferences. 
Gramplastine without a name was recorded and released in 1973 on the label “Paramount Records”. I do not know whether Liber Augustalis Bill Bill (bass guitar), Bruce Riddiough and Mike Houlihan (both guitars), John Kruck and Phill Haase (both of them percussion) and whether they can handle the retort, but the music they played quite useful for physical and mental health. It’s a soft, melodic folk prog with acoustic guitars, lulling and calming no worse than other potions. I think that the only gramophone record of the collective is of interest not only for pharmacy workers, but also for those who have gotten wet feet during the current rain. In the meantime, we will take three overseas bottles for the reception of their contents in the morning, afternoon and evening after a meal. vataga…~

Bass – Bill Block 
Guitar – Bruce Riddiough, Mike Houlihan 
Percussion – John Kruck, Phill Haase 
Synthesizer [Arp] – Denny Tabacchia (tracks: A3) 

Holding You 4:48 
Sometime, Somewhere 3:46 
The Christian 3:47 
Sunset 6:24 
Say Goodbye To Me 4:05 
People For Peace 2:40 
My Love To You 2:53 
Fly 4:51 
In The End 4:12 

Resurrection Band ‎ “Music To Raise The Dead” 1974 US Christian Hard Rock Cassette, Promo

Resurrection Band ‎ “Music To Raise The Dead” 1974 US  Christian Hard Rock
Cassette, Promo 
full vk
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Recording Rainbow's End

Resurrection (Rez) Band was one of the early pioneers of Christian rock music. They began in 1972 as a part of a Christian traveling community called Jesus People USA that would set up Christian rock revivals in towns and cities all over the south and midwest United States. They released their first album in 1979 and continued playing Christian rock music through 16 albums and over 25 years. 

Known predominantly for their hard rock sound led by husband and wife duo Glenn and Wendi Kaiser, they also incorporated heartfelt ballads, gritty blues, and even some experimental electronic music. Rez toured all over the world, playing rock & roll and preaching the gospel; breaking down conventional prejudices against hard rock music in the traditional church. They helped to open the doors to countless musicians who can now express themselves and their relationship to God in all manner of musical styles. 

Check out Resurrection Band’s DVD Beyond Music, a retrospective interview with Resurrection Band. In 2009, the most current members of Resurrection Band got together for this interview, telling stories about their experiences in Resurrection Band. This hour-long interview is full of personal anecdotes, never before seen photos, and footage from the Rez XX Years Live concert. …
Sounds like … classic rock from the late ‘70s and early '80s by bands like Jefferson Airplane, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, U2, Heart, Aerosmith, Journey, and ZZ Top….~

Some early Resurrection Band. Tom Cameron, Jim Denton, Stu Heiss (Back) John Herrin, Glenn & Wendi.

Earliest known pic of Resurrection Band (Just called Resurrection

Resurrection Band is probably better known for their contributions to ministry and Christian culture than for their music. Born out of the Jesus Movement—and in some sense, continuing the spirit of it to this day—the members were instrumental in helping establish Jesus People USA in North Chicago in 1972. They’re also responsible for launching Cornerstone Festival, the annual alternative Christian music event that draws artists and audiences from all over the country. 

But Resurrection Band was every bit the Christian rock pioneer that Petra was, and remained true to their classic rock roots over most of their 30-year span. True, their sound did change with the times, as did their name—to Rez Band and simply Rez in the '80s and '90s—but the band maintained a core sound and a remarkably consistent lineup, with only Roy Montroy replacing original bassist Jim Denton back in 1988. 

Borrowing the title of the Resurrection Band’s first independent release in 1974, as well as the title of their first best-of compilation in 1984, Music to Raise the Dead: 1972-1998 demonstrates how to do a box set right. Though no thicker than a pair of CD jewel cases, the packaging includes three CDs spanning the band’s long career (each in their own sleeve), as well as a DVD with an impressively preserved concert from Chicago in 1992 and a thick 80-page booklet …~

Music to Raise the Dead is the first independent cassette from American Christian rock band Resurrection Band, released in 1974. Although technically the band’s first release, the album Awaiting Your Reply four years later is considered by most to be the band’s official debut.The cassette, featuring the kind of hard rock for which Resurrection Band would eventually become known, was recorded not long after the Jesus People USA community had moved from Minneapolis to Chicago, but before they found a permanent home in Uptown. The record was created in the basement of friend Gary Rotta entirely on headphones, so as not to wake Rotta’s wife, who was asleep when the band recorded. However, the mixing board had been used many years previously to record one of Elvis Presley’s number-one hits. 

The tape was recorded in the same period than All Your Life, both of which were given away at their concerts. All your life was an independent set of acoustic numbers, a reflection of folk-oriented sets that were played at conservative venues, like nursing homes and churches, whose audiences would otherwise be unreceptive to the borderline heavy metal that Resurrection Band otherwise played and which were contained in the rock set Music To Raise the Dead. The cassette was re-released in a limited number of copies by the band’s own label, Grrr Records, in 1992. It is considered a collector’s item and is extremely hard to find. 

The song “Quite Enough” was re-recorded in a live version on the 1984 album Live Bootleg….~

Band members 

Glenn Kaiser - Lead vocals, guitars 
Wendi Kaiser - Lead vocals 
Stu Heiss - Lead guitar, piano 
Jim Denton - Bass guitar, backing vocals 
John Herrin - drums 
Tom Cameron - Harmonica

A1 Down Baby 6:17 
A2 I Can’t Help Myself 4:17 
A3 Crimson River 6:04 
A4 There Will Be Fire 4:03 
B1 We Can See 4:42 
B2 Better Way 4:01 
B3 Growin’ Stronger 4:22 
B4 The Man I Used To Be 5:25 
B5 Quite Enough 5:58 

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Cassette Deck

Cassette Deck







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