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23 Dec 2017

The Spectrum "All The Colours Of The Spectrum" Complete Recordings: 1964-1970 UK Psych Pop,Pop Rock

The Spectrum  "All The Colours Of The Spectrum" Complete Recordings: 1964-1970 UK Psych Pop,Pop Rock
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British pop/rock band the Spectrum were formed in 1964, first going under the name the Group 5 with a lineup of vocalist Colin Forsey, guitarist Tony Atkins, bassist Tony Judd, keyboardist Bill Chambers, and drummer Keith Forsey. After issuing one single in 1965 as the Group 5, the band changed its name and achieved a number one hit in Spain with the debut single “Samantha’s Mine,” though the Spectrum would linger in relative obscurity in their home country for the remainder of their existence. Though their songs failed to chart in the U.K., they were featured performing the title song to the popular children’s television program Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, as well as contributing to various film soundtracks. Subsequent singles charted in Spain and Germany, and a self-titled full-length was issued only in Spain in 1969. After some minor lineup changes, the group released full-length The Light Is Dark Enough in 1970 and split up shortly thereafter. Keith Forsey continued working in the music business, co-writing massive hits in the ‘80s and working as a producer with acts like Billy Idol and the Pointer Sisters. A full career retrospective of the Spectrum appeared in 2017 in the form of All the Colours of the Spectrum: Complete Recordings 1964-1970, issued by Cherry Red Records. ~ Fred Thomas….~

Despite the best efforts of RCA to promote them as the British Monkees, a tie-in with Gerry Anderson’s cult TV show Captain Scarlet and numerous high-quality singles, somehow London band THE SPECTRUM failed to achieve the same level of success in the UK as they did in mainland Europe. A 2CD set, this first-ever official anthology of their career features all of their singles, the 1970 UK LP The Light Is Dark Enough, their contribution to the soundtrack of the little-known 1968 film The Bliss Of Mrs Blossom, their unissued-at-the-time theme tune for Captain Scarlet and, perhaps most notably of all, recordings that have only previously been released on their insanely rare and largely-unknown 1969 Venezuelan-only album. With the addition of their obscure 1965 debut single for EMI and a 1964 album that they cut (as Group Five) for the French market, All The Colours Of The Spectrum is the definitive document of a fascinating but hitherto little-documented band. It features a 16 page booklet with some priceless period photos and memorabilia as well as the Spectrum story from the cradle to the grave, with reminiscences from founder member Tony Atkins….~

This was certainly a great band for the period of the 1960s they where putting out a few 45s and an lp but from what i have read about spectrum ( not to be confused with the aussie spectrum) is it does not seem like they had the right advisers around them regardless of what it states RCA tried to do, also there was just so so much going on 50 years ago in the uk and elsewhere that it was not uncommon for some great bands to get lost in the shuffle as the industry has always been very rough and back stabbing like it still is today, anyway there are many great songs across both cds here, im not so sure i agree with the comparison to the success davie jones and co had but it is just my opinion after spinning both discs this band was another great brit 60s pop band with some rough edges to there sound, they seemed to do well in mainland europe and focus on the french market as that was where they did best in europe, as the press release states they also released there second lp in 1970 in venezuela wich was a way off market that was not going to bring much success where it mattered, this bands music was poised for a couple of films and soundtracks but outside of the two records they released and 45s you also get a few interesting live tracks here, you also get a bit of that merseybeat liverpool sound with great r&b and hermonica on some tracks, anyway i agree with the press release as this spectrum from the uk should have done much better by the mid to late 60s but sadly that was not meant to be but cherry red gives us there whole 6 year package right here on 2 cds with a great informative booklet and the remastering of both discs makes there 50 plus year old tracks sound fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….ByEdward J….~

The Spectrum are considered the British Monkees. Connected to Gerry Anderson’s cult television show Captain Scarlet and numerous high-quality singles, the band has been very successful in Europe. 
The 2-CD set is the first official anthology in Spectrum’s all-singles career, the 1970’s The Light Is Dark Enough, their contribution to The Bliss Of Mrs Blossom’s 1968 soundtrack, their unpublished Title tune for Captain Scarlet and with extremely rare recordings from the year 1969. 
With the sombre debut single for 1965 EMI and a recorded for the French market (as Group Five) album from 1964 All The Colors Of The Spectrum is a clear evidence of a fascinating band. 
Gerry Anderson’s cult television show Captain Scarlet and numerous high-quality singles, somehow London band THE SPECTRUM failed to achieve the same level of success in the UK as they did in mainland Europe. • A 2CD set, this first-ever official anthology of their career features all of their singles, the 1970 UK LP The Light Is Dark Enough, their contribution to the soundtrack of the little-known 1968 movie The Bliss Of Mrs Blossom, their unissued -at-the-time theme tune for Captain Scarlet and, perhaps most notably, recordings that have only been released on their insanely rare and largely-unknown 1969 Venezuelan-only album. 
• With the addition of their obscure 1965 debut single for EMI and a 1964 album that they cut (as Group Five) for the French market, All The Colors Of The Spectrum is the definitive document of a hitherto little-documented band. 
• It features a 16 page booklet with some priceless period photos and memorabilia as well as the Spectrum story from the cradle to the grave, with reminiscences from founder member Tony Atkins….~

1-1 Samantha’s Mine 2:22 
1-2 Saturday’s Child 2:30 
1-3 Protobello Road 2:25 
1-4 Comes The Dawn 2:45 
1-5 Headin’ For A Heatwave 2:44 
1-6 I Wanna Be With You 2:58 
1-7 London Bridge Is Coming Down 3:08 
1-8 Tables And Chairs 2:41 
1-9 Let’s Live For Love 2:19 
1-10 Little Red Boat By The River 2:47 
1-11 Forget Me Not 3:11 
1-12 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da 3:05 
1-13 Music Soothes The Savage Breast 3:06 
1-14 Just What I Was Looking For Today 2:55 
1-15 It Doesn’t Seem To Matter 2:39 
1-16 Cool Water 2:45 
1-17 Free 3:16 
1-18 The Tale Of Wally Toft 3:58 
1-19 Glory 3:34 
1-20 Nodnol 2:51 
1-21 Captain Scarlet (Closing Theme) 1:27 
2-1 Mr. Jenkins’ Brand New Boots 3:57 
2-2 The Walrus And The Horse 3:42 
2-3 Mandy 3:46 
2-4 Jacqueline 3:39 
2-5 The Light Is Dark Enough 2:33 
2-6 Little Girl 2:51 
2-7 Asking You 2:37 
2-8 Roll Over Beethoven 3:05 
2-9 Bye Bye Bird 2:47 
2-10 Please Mr. Postman 2:24 
2-11 You Really Got A Hold On Me 2:46 
2-12 What’s That? 2:42 
2-13 Sweet Sixteen 2:34 
2-14 Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On 3:08 
2-15 Baby What Do You Want Me To Do 4:08 
2-16 My Babe 2:26 
2-17 Dance In The Street 2:30 
2-18 Shoppin’ Around 2:39 
2-19 Lover Please 2:57 

Hobo Blues Band "Oly Sokaig Voltunk Lenn…“1982 Hungary Blues Rock,Electric Blues

Hobo Blues Band  "Oly Sokaig Voltunk Lenn…“1982 Hungary Blues Rock,Electric Blues
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The Hobo Blues Band started from a pub, despite László Földes, like Henry Rollins and Angus Young, an anti-alcoholist. HBB became the flagship of blues in Hungary, in the footsteps of predecessors like Jimi Hendrix, Doors, Rolling Stones, or Cream. The 1980 debut of the Central European Hobo Blues and the monumental Hunting Four years later also featured a major album, Oly for so long , with István Bergendy and Gábor Presser guest appearance. 
Tibor Tátrai’s guitars and Ego Póka’s bass is usually impressive, and Hobo and Deák Bill Gyula sing very bitterly the bitter blue blues : the Honorable Muddy Waters with the Central European hobo blues I , the Kőbánya blues , Bill singing Long Horde and songwriting is now an invaluable classics. ….~

Hungarian cult-band, formed in 1977. With front member and singer Földes László (Hobo), HBB’s work is tied strongly with arts, poetry, and writing. Their music is influented by traditional blues, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and the Doors, they made many hungarian adaptations themselves. The members were constantly changing, many of the decade’s best hungarian performers played with them. The members of the last lineup (Fehér-Nagy-Hárs-Gyenge) decided not to continue making music with Hobo in 2008….~

Deák Bill Gyula - vocals 
László Földes - vocals 
József Kõrös - guitar 
Zoltán Pálmai - drums 
Egon Póka - bass guitar 
István Bergendy - saxophone 
Attila Bodonyi - Harmonica 
Gábor Presser - piano 
Tibor Tátrai - guitar

A1 Tisztelet Muddy Waters-nek 8:21 
A2 Enyém, Tiéd, Miénk 3:00 
A3 Kőbánya Blues 3:46 
A4 Tetovált Lány 4:51 
A5 Hosszúlábú Asszony 2:54 
B1 Oly Sokáig Voltunk Lenn… 3:23 
B2 Mata Hari 4:37 
B3 Nem Hallod, Üvöltök 3:56 
B4 A Hetedik 3:22 
B5 Halál Apa Blues 3:59 

Dengue Fever “Dengue Fever” 2017 Los Angeles Psych Rock,Indie Rock

Dengue Fever “Dengue Fever” 2017 Los Angeles Psych Rock,Indie Rock
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Fronted by amazing vocalist Chhom Nimol, Dengue Fever has surprisingly universal appeal. Chhom herself is already quite accustomed to seizing the hearts of listeners (including the King and Queen of Cambodia), as she comes from a family best considered as a Cambodia pop music dynasty– not unlike a Cambodian version of the Jacksons. The rest of the band is no flake-fest either, consisting of Zac Holtzman (Dieselhed) and his brother Ethan on Farfisa organ, Senon Williams (Radar Brothers), David Ralicke (Beck) and seasoned drummer/engineer Paul Smith. Their covers stay remarkably true to the crazy party music spirit of the ’60s- and ’70s-era originals. But there are also original songs, some of which veer off into the darkened corridors of lost love and ghostly noir romanticism, dissolving sometimes into spaces of genuine bleakness and tragedy — all in the Khmer tongue. Far from mere novelty or cheap Orientophile thrill, Dengue Fever keeps listeners on their toes, dancing to their way-out tones. The Deluxe Reissue contains 5 bonus tracks not availble on the original release. ….Web of Mimicry ….~

Even when you consider the cultural cross-pollination that goes on in large metropolitan areas, L.A.’s Dengue Fever had perhaps the strangest genesis of any band in recent memory. It’s odd enough for a group of white musicians to cover psychedelic rock oldies from Cambodia, but finding a bona fide Cambodian pop star to front the band – and sing in Khmer, no less – is the kind of providence that could only touch a select few places on Earth. Formed in L.A.’s hipster-friendly Silver Lake area in 2001, Dengue Fever traced their roots to organist Ethan Holtzman’s 1997 trip to Cambodia with a friend. That friend contracted the tropical disease (transmitted via mosquito) that later gave the band its name, and it also introduced Holtzman to the sound of ‘60s-era Cambodian rock, which still dominated radios and jukeboxes around the country. The standard sound bore a strong resemblance to Nuggets-style garage rock and psychedelia, heavy on the organ and fuzztone guitar, and with the danceable beat of classic rock & roll. It also bore the unmistakable stamp of Bollywood film musicals, and often employed the heavily reverbed guitar lines of surf and spy-soundtrack music. Yet the eerie Khmer-language vocals and Eastern melodies easily distinguished it from its overseas counterpart. 

When Holtzman returned to the States, he introduced his brother Zac – a core member of alt-country eccentrics Dieselhed – to the cheap cassettes he’d brought back. They started hunting for as much Cambodian rock as they could find, and eventually decided to form a band to spotlight their favorite material, much of which was included on a compilation from Parallel World, Cambodian Rocks. In addition to Ethan Holtzman on Farfisa and Optigan, and Zac on vocals and guitar, the charter membership of Dengue Fever included bassist Senon Williams (also of slowcore outfit the Radar Brothers), drummer Paul Smith, and saxophonist David Ralicke (Beck, Ozomatli, Brazzaville). Ralicke shared Zac Holtzman’s interest in Ethiopian jazz, further broadening the group’s global mindset. Thus constituted, the band went combing the clubs in the Little Phnom Penh area of Long Beach, searching for a female singer who could replicate the style and language of the recordings they had. 

After striking out a few times, the Holtzmans discovered Chhom Nimol, a onetime pop star in Cambodia who came from a highly successful musical family (analogous to the Jacksons). According to the band, Nimol had performed several times for the Cambodian royal family before immigrating to Los Angeles. Initially not understanding the band’s motives, she was suspicious at first, but after several rehearsals, everything clicked. Dengue Fever made their live debut in 2002, with the charismatic Nimol in full traditional Cambodian garb, and soon won a following among Hollywood hipsters, not to mention L.A. Weekly’s Best New Band award that year. Purely a cover band at first, they started working on original material after putting out a four-song EP locally. The Holtzmans wrote English lyrics and music, then sent the lyrics to a Khmer translator in the state of Washington, after which Nimol would adjust the melody and words to her liking. 

Dengue Fever counted among their fans actor Matt Dillon, who included their Khmer-language cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” on the soundtrack of his 2003 directorial debut, City of Ghosts. However, disaster nearly struck when Nimol was arrested in San Diego in accordance with the stringent, post-9/11 INS policy: she’d arrived in the U.S. on a two-week visitor’s visa and simply stayed on. She was thrown in jail for three weeks, and it took nearly a year for the band’s lawyer to secure her a two-year visa (his fees were paid through benefit concerts). In the meantime, Dengue Fever released their self-titled debut album on Web of Mimicry, a label run by Mr. Bungle guitarist Trey Spruance. Most of the repertoire consisted of Cambodian covers, many originally done by pre-Pol Pot star Ros Sereysothea, but there were several originals and an Ethiopian jazz tune as well. 

With Nimol’s limited English improving, the bandmembers considered putting some English-language material on their follow-up, but intended to stick with Khmer for the most part, in keeping with the music that inspired them. In 2007, Dengue Fever not only released Escape from Dragon House, but also starred in the documentary Sleeping Through the Mekong, which saw them performing their music in Cambodia for the first time. Venus on Earth debuted on the M80 label the following year; it was eventually picked up by Real World for worldwide distribution. In 2009 they released a CD/DVD entitled Sleepwalking Through the Mekong, which included the documentary and a compilation album. The band signed to Concord in 2010 and issued its debut for the label, Cannibal Courtship, in April of 2011. For the 2015 release The Deepest Lake, Dengue Fever opted to use crowdfunding to finance the project, launching a campaign on Pledge Music that raised 140 percent of their initial goal. ~ Steve Huey…..~ 

Plunging headlong into their second decade as a band, DENGUE FEVER’s new album, The Deepest Lake, their fifth full-length of all-new material, comes at a critical juncture in the band’s career. In 2013, after forming their own label Tuk Tuk Records, the band crossed over into a brave new world as both artist and record label owner’s. Today they find themselves able to wear two hats – as creative musicians with no boundaries as well as label owners who make their own decisions on where, when and how to fabricate their career. 

The net result is the aforementioned, The Deepest Lake, a record with more musical diversions than the Mekong River itself. Released in January 27, 2015 – US/Canada & February 2, 2015 in the rest of the world, the ten tracks on The Deepest Lake will satiate longtime fans as well as newcomers looking for something altogether different. Widely recognized for their trademark blend of 60’s Cambodian pop and psychedelic rock, Dengue Fever’s latest release expands their musical palette to include Khmer rap, Latin grooves, Afro percussion, layered Stax-like horns and more. 

From the keyboard and percussion heavy opening track, “Tokay”, lead singer Chhom Nimol’s unmistakable bird-like Khmer vocals lead the band on a evolutionary musical journey on The Deepest Lake. Be it the John Doe & Exene boy/girl vocals on “Rom Say Sok” that gets your indie grooves on or the six plus minute psychedelic jam on “Cardboard Castles”, it’s pretty evident that this is a band looking to take chances and not play it safe. By following their instincts on this record and letting many of the final tracks come out of extended jams when demo'ing the album, the band played to their musical strengths. No longer was there a need to 'find’ a song, the songs on The Deepest Lake came to them. 

The band’s newly established independence as both label owner and artist marks yet another chapter in the continual evolution of a group unlike many other bands in the Los Angeles music scene. It all began in 2002 when Dengue Fever formed and released their eponymous debut (2003). Packed chock full of 'lost’ Khmer covers, the band paid homage to Khmer rock, a hybrid of Vietnam War era surf, psych and classic rock performed by Cambodian giants like Ros Sereysothea, Pan Ron and Sinn Sisamouth. 

The band’s critically acclaimed sophomore follow-up, Escape from Dragon House (2005) found them writing and performing original material in earnest. named Dragon House the #1 international release for 2005, and Mojo magazine named it in their Top 10 World Music releases of 2006. 

In 2008, their third release Venus on Earth became the band’s best selling album. It garnered praise from both critics and fans the world over. In fact, Venus on Earth found support from iconic musicians such as Peter Gabriel, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett and Ray Davies who each made mention of the band in the press. 

DENGUE FEVER’s fourth release, Cannibal Courtship (Fantasy Records/Concord Music Group), was released in April 2011 and found the band expanding beyond their usual comfort zone and experimenting with new vocal harmonies and sounds. 

The roots of the band began in the late 1990’s with a 6-month trek through Southeast Asia by Keyboardist Ethan Holtzman. Returning to Los Angeles with a suitcase crammed full of Cambodian cassette tapes, Holtzman and his brother Zac – who had discovered the same music through a friend working at a record store in San Francisco – reunited. The brothers soon bonded over their love of vintage Cambodian rock and in 2002 founded the band with saxophonist, David Ralicke (Beck/Brazzaville); drummer, Paul Dreux Smith; and bassist, Senon Williams (Radar Brothers). Shortly thereafter the members were on hot pursuit for the ideal Cambodian chanteuse to complete their outfit. After a short period of musical courtship that began at a Cambodian nightclub in Long Beach, CA., Nimol joined the band when she realized the band shared a genuine passion for the music and culture of her homeland. 

It’s that cross pollination of Khmer rock, garage rock, psychedelic rock and the British Invasion sound that has pushed the band to heights they could only dream of in 2002. DENGUE FEVER has performed in front of thousands of fans at such noted music festivals as WOMAD (UK, AUS, NZ), WOMEX (Spain), Melbourne Festival (AUS), Glastonbury (UK), Bumerbshoot, (USA), Transmusicales (France), Roskilde (Denmark), Electric Picnic (Ireland), Peace and Love (Sweden), Treasure Island (USA) among many others. Their songs have appeared in films such as City of Ghosts, Jim Jarmusch’s Broken Flowers, The Hangover 2, the Showtime series Weeds, the HBO’s hit series True Blood (who named an entire episode after one of their songs) and featured the band’s music, CBS’ series CSI: Las Vegas and numerous independent documentaries. 

With band profiles in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Mojo, Uncut, Magnet, Wired, NPR’s “Fresh Air”, Radio Australia, KCRW’s “Morning Becomes Eclectic” and “World Café Live”, the time is truly ripe for at least another decade of breaking down more musical barriers. The Deepest Lake is the first, glorious musical step in that new direction……..Will Van Horn…. ~

Given Dengue Fever’s Cambodian lead singer, their love for Cambodian rock and the cover songs from the heyday of Khmer pop on this CD, it would be easy to mistake them for either a world beat revival band or worse, a one-trick novelty act. It would also be a major mistake that could rob you of one of the best musical experiences currently available.
The fact that the Holtzman brother’s have an interesting back story, or that vocalist Chhom Nimol has a compelling story of her own is totally unimportant to enjoying this CD. The musicianship is fantastic, Nimol’s voice soars and songs like “Hold My Hips” and “Shave Your Beard” are achingly beautiful pop. When they crank up the energy it is pure bliss.
Singing in Khmer could easily be a gimmick, but here it just proves what a naturally musical language Khmer actually is, and that the real depth of music isn’t communicated by words anyway. This is brilliant, energetic, emotional pop.
It’s the best elements of catchy tunes, psychedelia, and jazz. It’s like some bizarre hybrid of T.Rex, Garage A Trois, Tommy James, and Molam Dub that works to joyful brilliance. I have a large music collection, and every time I pull out this CD, it ends up staying in by changer for weeks.
Warning, you’ll want more than one of their CDs once you catch Dengue Fever. If I could put in words how much joy there is in this music, you wouldn’t leave this page without ordering a copy. … by….GraceNoteX…~ 

It’s amazing that the late Cambodian superstars Sin Sisamouth & Ruos Srey Sothear are finally being acknowledged and appreciated outside of the Khmer community. Both are paid homage to on this debut CD from Dengue Fever. That being said, this is a brilliant CD in it’s own right!! This group is exciting and fresh!! Lead singer Chhom Nimol(a star in Cambodia who apparently lives in L.A. now) is incredible and so is the band! I really hope they keep putting out music this good! The cover of the track from Ethiopiques was a really nice touch also! I highly recommend this CD to fans of asian pop & great rock-n-roll & well, to coin a hackneyed phrase, worldbeat!! I mean that in the best sense of the term! I hope they tour nationwide!!…by….soulcargo….~ 


Bass – Senon Williams 
Drums – Paul Smith
Guitar, Vocals – Zac Holtzman 
Mixed By, Guitar [Sprinkled Some Guitar], Keyboards [Sprinkled Some Keys] – Trey Spruance 
Organ [Farfisa] – Ethan Holtzman 
Saxophone, Flute – David Ralicke 
Vocals – Ch'hom Nimol 

1. Lost in Laos 
2. I’m Sixteen 
3. 22 Nights 
4. Hold My Hips 
5. Flowers 
6. Thanks-A-Lot 
7. New Year’s Eve 
8. Et Hanopium 
9. Glass Of Wine 
10. Shave Your Beard 
11. Pow Pow 

Dengue Fever (2003) 
Dengue Fever (EP, 2005) 
Escape from Dragon House (2005) 
Sip Off the Mekong (EP, 2006) 
Venus On Earth (2008) 
Sleepwalking Through the Mekong (Soundtrack, 2009) 
In the Ley Lines (Live, 2009) 
Cannibal Courtship (2011) 
Girl From the North (EP, 2013) 
The Deepest Lake (2015) 
Ganadaramaba (EP, 2016) 

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